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Post-Punk, Cold Wave, Indie-Rock

Deutschland 70 Stuttgart

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What connects us with other people? What happens if these ethereal connections break? When the obvious seems no longer logical and the everyday feels empty and without sense?
XTR HUMAN are about disruption and estrangement, the collapse and the doubt. In their songs they look behind the curtain and seek answers to the eternal questions that concern us all.
That this search also affects the musical layer of XTR HUMAN is just a consequence. With their mélange of post punk, coldwave and shoegaze they break new ground and move away from the paths well traversed in contemporary music. Hence it causes a unique and primordial mixture between tradition and innovation that never sounds fusty, but fresh and full of energy. Powerful bass lines meet lofty synthesizer; mighty and forceful guitar walls meet vibrant beats all complimented by commanding and formidable vocals as if chased by a mysterious desperation.

Every note, every effect has its place and is meticulously performed with conscientious effort so that each song has an impact devastatingly precise in its execution. One can see this in the songs of “atavism”. In recording, XTR HUMAN took their time. It came out of an album with a wide range of facets, presenting each song with its own particular character and overall producing a unique and haunting harmonic portrait of the band. Though it can often be melancholic, cold and technoid, it is never without a residual and ultimately bright spark of hope; this bright spark coming in the form of lyricist and enigmatic front man Johannes.

XTR HUMAN was founded in December 2012 in Stuttgart. The idea behind the project did exist for quite a while but not until the other members Valerio and Mathias met did it have a concrete form. Quickly the first opportunities of support gigs at Motorama, Black Marble emerged and subsequently prompt headline gigs followed and concerts in Vienna, Berlin and Leipzig were offered for the band. The previous event was a show at the Stuck!-Festival in Salzburg. Visual support was offered by their good pal and collaborator, photographer Kai Fischer who created the video inspired by the single “dysfunction”, which was released in May 2013.