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Van der Papen

Ambient, Techno, Dub

Deutschland 10785 Berlin

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Demosong: MySpace

van der papen consists of twins ronald and christoph lonkowsky, who since purchasing their first computer and music software ten years ago as teenagers, have been exploring various directions within electronic music. it was a chance meeting with [ parvoart ] `boss` duncan ó ceallaigh that indirectly lead to the van der papen project - he played the twins tracks by `gas` and `yagya`, which intrigued them enough to go off and learn more about both the music and how these artists crafted it. the results can now be heard on their first release `majesic` (named after one of the synth patches used on the recording) - wide expanses of reverbed and tape delayed sound over rumbling bass and subdued but nevertheless driving beats. ronald`s love of soundtrack music by the likes of hans zimmer, harry gregson williams and angelo badalamenti is also apparent, adding a twist to the ambient dub techno template laid down by wolfgang voigt and basic channel in the nineties.

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