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Heavy'N Roll

Deutschland  Tortuga

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26.02.2018 13:36Dummschwätze Podcastedit
Turn on today. Sascha and Lukas from the Dummschwätze Podcast will present you a song of our new album „When The Shit Hits The Fan“. www.dummschwaetze.de
05.01.2018 11:09RELEASE 30th of March 2018edit
Soon the shit hits the fan. All instruments and vocals have finally been recorded and our upcoming album is now going into the mix. On the 30th of March it will be released.
13.02.2014 13:00Promo Traileredit
Tortuga has risen from the ashes of the ages: http://youtu.be/vQcFayGJfWI

3 Ergebnisse