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The energy project

Worldmusic, Afrobeat, Chill-Out
New Age

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• the energy project •

is a music project created by Walter Herold from orgy records / Germany . .
it did start in the year 1999
in the beginning it was a studio project, with musicians from all over the world
who met at the orgy studios / Lanzarote Island.

2010 "the energy project" founded the new band

2011 start of the project together with Osho Disciple Swami Rajneesh

the musical style : new age - world - chill out - meditation

the energy project, vibrant musicians living in the exotic volcanic lanzarote island,
have fused their creative genius with rajneesh speaking to create songs with the message of truth, the new wave of enlightened new age buddhas reaching our hearts through music.

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