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The aesthetic of inner terror

Alternative Rock, Emo Rock, Punk

Deutschland 90 Nürnberg

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Demosong: MySpace

Summer 2004, the foundation began. We always wanted a band that plays the music that we like. Through the inspiration of Marius, Neo learned how to play bass, so now there are two of us! It didn`t take a long time to find a drummer, but after a while he left us because lack of time. But at the same time we found a second guitarist, Tim, with a lot of creativity! So now there are three of us! Marius was the one who found a new drummer that came up to our expectations. At that time we four started to write new songs with full of energy!!! As a finally step we had to find a singer to get on stage and perform our creations! It wasn`t easy, but after a long time we found Michael and we are complete! Now you have to see us live!!

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