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The Pain formed in 1983,out of distorted and no disgrace,the band has seen many line up changes,and up until 2007 still had 3 original members. we were influenced by the clash and 2nd wave of punk-ruts/uk subs discharge etc,but never tried to sound like our influences,shaping the band into their unique brand of ..punkfuckingrock...The Pain recorded demo..s in 83/84/87/92/94,the songs were released as tapes,the bands gigged with many of the uk..s finest,and finally released their debut album in 2005,..Arab On The Hill..and 2008 will see their 2nd offering released,titled-..-..Songs from the soil.....The Pain individually hold many political and moral beliefs,but try not to over emphasise that,mixing politics with humour and reggae/ska/hardcore aspects combined with our old school roots have shaped the pain into a true honest fun punk rock band.

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