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The Jungle Jazz Band

Dixieland Jazz

Deutschland 10 Berlin

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The Jungle Jazz Band is a traditional jazz band formed by six young international musicians based in Berlin. Although each member comes from a different background, they all share the same passion for the oldest jazz in the world which was born in New Orleans at the beginning of last century.

The members of The Jungle have already gained recognition within the European swing dance community and are known for offering some of the best hot jazz in the scene. They often collaborate with well-known musicians from New Orleans such as Meschiya Lake, Russell Welch, or Joseph Faison and have assembled the finest musicians to turn the heat up even higher.

The style of the band resurrects the original rough and powerful sound of early jazz where music was meant to be hot, entertaining and danceable. Inspired by the greatest composers such as Jelly Roll Morton, King Oliver, Louis Armstrong`s hot five, Sidney Bechet, the band delivers fresh interpretations and thrilling arrangements, exciting all kinds of audiences from dancers, jazz connoisseurs to party crowds.

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