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The Guido K. Group

Fusion (Jazz-Rock), Ambient, Electro
Piano Solo, Jazz, Fusion, Elektronische Musik, Abmient & Minimal Music

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The Guido K. Group is the synonyme for studio musician Guido Kämmerling,
who plays and composes music since 1983, at the age of 16. Today he has finished more than 300 (yes !) musical works, songs and projects. His musical background reaches from classical piano playing to many forms of musical
art, such as Jazz, Fusion, Funk, Rock, Ambient, Minimal Music, House or Drum&Bass.

The first works were written for piano solo, others were prepared to play in a band. In 1988 Guido K. played piano, keyboards, synths, guitar, bass, drums and trumpet in his band "Star People". Later he concentrated in working with electronic devices, such as computers, soundcarts, midi sequencer programs and hard disc recording. Up to 1998 and 2002 The Guido K. Group composed more than 300 songs.

After a 10-years-period of musical silence The Guido K. Group returned in spring 2014 with writing and creating new music. At Last ! Equipped with new instruments and systems he began working with Cubase Software and the new technology of VST instruments. So The Guido K. Group reached a new level with great options of composing, working in music, mixing and recording in his homerecording area in The Guido K. Studio. Thus, The GKG composed and created about 30 new songs only within one year. In spring 2015 The GKG startet again playing real electric guitars, 25 years after last playing. An exciting new phase has begun ....

The musical works of The Guido K. Group contain elements of jazz, fusion, experimental, ambient, minimal music and many other electronic genres (deep house, drum&bass). They are very much inspired by the music of Frank Zappa, Miles Davis, Pat Metheny, Keith Jarrett, Mike Oldfield, Steve Reich, Brain Eno or Jon Hassell.

All works of The GKG are registered and protected via http://www.priormart.com.

Visit The Guido K. Group on Facebook, YouTube, Soundcloud or Mixcloud. Thanks for listening. Hope, you enjoy it.





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