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The Bips

77er Punk, Punk Rock

Niederlande  Nijmegen

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The Bips Back in Business as Fuck

Them punksters from Nijmegen, Holland have been fluctuating from Punkheaven and down to rat’s ass, but are now back where they belong.
In today’s punkscene, where the blank meaninglessness of people is often confused for an intellectual keep-silent, the bips are back to kicking against the grain of alternative Nijmegen and far beyond.
And so they should! Or this scene will remain covered in cobwebs for ever.
The Bips have played an active role ever since the eighties, with a media-coverage most would only get wet dreams about. With an everchanging line-up, to keep things nice and healthy, but with a storming enthusiasm, although this word is kinda soft when you see what’s really going on.
Lots of stories and rumours have followed them around all over town, ever since they started the band. Shut up and Fuck! Rock’n Roll!
Narrowmindedness unfortunately keeps them people spinning round.
Fact is that Jozzy remains the one and only true rocklegend of Nijmegen. A punkrocklegend, not through singing but by simply being the way he is.
Nowadays punkheroes act tough on whatever stage for an hour, have a few pints, drive back in their rental-vans, and get ready for their 9 to 5 shitjob, in a straightjacket handed over to them by their bosses.
With spiked hair fixed back to normal.
Whereas the Bips will be somewhere in the sticks unloading their van, dragging Bock’s “box of torture”around, Jozzy’s equally hellish big Marshall and Ms. Barbie’s amp with the fabric peeling off the back, one wheel gone and the other one wiggling and turning the wrong way like on a defective shopping cart. Barbie’s got so much clit she doesn’t need balls.
You can bump into the members of the Bips everywhere. No acting, everything for real.
Direct speech, real emotions, day and night, always. Fuck this commercial shit.
Fucking Money is still their punk-creed!
Apart from all this, they happen to have the nicest website I came upon, and believe me, I’ve seen them all.
Downloads, videos, lyrics….. everything’s there. Should the world come to an end:
The Bips will be there.

story by Sander J. Alkemade

 Hilfe-Popup Booking: Jozzy Rubenski