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The .357 String Band

Bluegrass, Country/Western (am.)

USA  Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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The .357 String Band has spent the last four years criss- crossing America and Europe in half broken down vans, playing in filthy rock and roll clubs and honky tonks, sleeping on floors and couches, or if neccessary underneath the stars.

Tightly written compositions and a surprising lyrical depth make The .357 String Band a force to be reckoned with.

This ain`t your granddaddy`s bluegrass, this is STREETGRASS.

"The .357 String Band keep it raw, real and dirty, on and off the stage, and have only begun to show us what they have to offer."
---Hank Williams III

"The .357 String Band give you the good kind of creeps...that oddly pleasent chill that comes whenever someone walks over your grave **shudder**"
--- Col. JD Wilkes
Th`Legendary Shack*Shakers

"These boys come in with tattoos, piercings and long hair, and you think Grandpa`s gonna hate it. But guess what? Grandpa loves it, and so do I... The .357 String Band may have a punk rock style, but their musical heart is very traditional."
---Rev. Peyton
Rev. Peyton and His Big Damn Band

"The .357 String Band are TRUE roots music. No revivalist bullshit, no "a-billy" crap. The real deal."
---Jeff Clayton

"On 2008’s invigorating Fire And Hail, Milwaukee’s .357 String Band shreds like Megadeth covering Flatt & Scruggs, offering a potent and incredibly fun reminder that blistering bluegrass pickers were the original headbangers. Along with just being a blast, . 357 String Band’s amped-up, punk-rock take on bluegrass—they call it “streetgrass”—is doing its part to keep American roots music from being overly NPR-ized, emphasizing the rough edges and inherent wildness of classic sounds created by rough, inherently wild people." - The Onion A.V. Club

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