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TenTonHalo was formed in Cedar Rapids, Iowa in 2005 by four friends determined to make and play the music they love most. Everything is a democracy, from the writing to the artwork, with the band working as one to achieve their goals. TenTonHalo describes their music as "organic" and every song as a living thing - an extension of themselves and a way to let out all the frustration and rage with their lot in life and the world around them. Never fake in any way, TenTonHalo writes what is true to them. No false story`s, only what they feel, and always working to advance their craft without limitation around what they can or cannot write style-wise. The TenTonHalo stage show is an extension of this approach to their music-writing - Intense and energy-fueled. Full-on. No gimmicks. The release of the band`s EP "Phoenix" sees TenTonHalo featured on Iowa`s Rock108`s Unsigned and Online as well as their new Unsigned and Unleashed on air show. This in addition to being spun on Internet radio stations. :BANDS WE HAVE HAD THE HONOR OF SHARING THE STAGE WITH:Slow Intentional Damage, Deified ,Cur, Parabelle, Neverset, F5, PM5K, The FLOOD and Darrick ,Destrophy End of a Age , Doomsayer, Freaklabel, Lost Nation, Stillchyld, Sounds of War,

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