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Tehran Park


Iran  Teheran

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Demosong: SoundCloud

"Tehran Park" is a name that everybody can have different understanding and imagination of it.
Name of "Tehran Park" is based on intellectual philosophy of its founder and the word Tehran connotes the home town of the band ."Tehran/طهران" written in old form means "to put the past behind" and "Park" as a modern word means entering to future .
Tehran Park band was formed in the summer of 2015 by Amin and Aryan Borhan as bass and drums player, and later officially started working by Joining of Amir Mohammad Maghare, Ali Motlagh as guitar players and Sajjad Khiabani as the band singer.
Currently Amin and Aryan Borhan with Sajjad Khiabani are the permanent members of the band.
Composing and Arrangements of lyrics are done by band members under supersvision of Amin Borhan.
The band currently is preparing the second Album at present to have different performances.
We would like to thank the former band members and friends who have supported us for the time being.
Due to Strict restrictions of Rock Bands in Iran, Tehran Park Had never been able to have any official concerts in Iran except some limited small and private performances.

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