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Ska, Punk, Folk

Italien  Marghera, Venezia

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The patchanka-combat-ska-punk project Talco was first conceived by Tomaso De Mattia. Since 2002 Talco have made frequent live appearances, which have allowed the band to enjoy an increasing degree of popularity and play alongside Modena City Ramblers, Los Fastidios, Blisterhead, Linea 77, Banda Bassotti, Atarassia Grop, Obrint Pas, Punkreas, Persiana Jones, Arpioni, Ska-j and Derozer (among others). To this day, Talco has recorded two albums, both of which were produced and distributed in Italy and Europe by Kob Records and Mad Butcher Records, with the support of Venus Dischi. The first, “Tutti assolti” (2004), was well received by the music press in Italy, Germany, France, Spain, the Cech Republic and Mexico, and sold over 2,000 copies. The second album, “Combat Circus”, was released in November 2006, and was likewise positively acclaimed in Italian and European fan- and webzines, including Rockerilla, Rock Sound and Negative. Talco are among the best known Italian ska-punk bands, and have a particularly strong fan-base in Germany, where Talco gig tickes are regularly sold out. - February 2000 – June 2001: this is the first phase in the history of the band, which is known at this time by the name Talco Mentolato. Starting with the “Lugo Ska Festival” in Romagna in the summer of 2000, Talco made their music known across Italy. In April 2001, the band was awarded the first prize in the Venetian musical contest “Aurora on Stage”. In June of the same year, the first demo of the band was released, consisting of 6 ska-core tracks recorded at the Lesder Studio of Treviso. - July 2001 – October 2003: Following a few changes in its line-up, the band consolidates and develops into a more concrete musical project, adopting the name of Talco. Moving away from its “careless” salad days, the band embraced the kind of political awareness which still characterises. Two years of concerts followed, starting from a gig at Ponte delle Alpi (Bridgestock) alongside Alberto Camerini (a gig attended by over 3,000 people). Talco played at various other events, including demonstrations, such as the one organised in its hometown Marghera to raise awareness of local environmental issues. - November 2003 – April 2006: The band temporarily interrupts its live performances to record 10 ska-punk tracks at the Majestic Studio of Scorzè (VE). Kob Records of Verona immediately offered to release the album, with the help of the German label Mad Butcher. At this time, Talco slightly changed their line-up, and began its first tour abroad. Back from Germany, the band’s first album, “Tutti assolti” was released, and followed by a tour across Italy and a gig in Berlin, where Talco performed live at an event organised to commemorate the G8 protest in Genoa. The band also performed at several Kob Festivals alongside Los Fastidios. “Tutti assolti” was acclaimed by the public, and received many favourable reviews even outside Italy. A second and surprisingly successful German tour followed, to celebrate the first anniversary of the album (1,500 new copies of which were released). Talco was afforded the chance to play in many other gigs abroad – including the Punkitalia Festival in Berlin (with Banda Bassotti, Persiana Jones, Punkreas, Linea 77, Derozer, Atarassia Grop, Betagarri, Obrint Pas etc.) – by the help of Mauro “Due Forni” e Franco da Berlino (both working for the German booking agency “Muttis” and actively engaged in organising the performance of bands such as Banda Bassotti, Modena City Ramblers, Punkreas, Lag Wagon, Pennywise and Ska-p). After their return from Germany, Talco engaged in a tour across Italy before recording the new album. - May 2006 - Talco return to the Majestic Studio to record a new album, which is released in October 2006. Following the release, Talco left for a new tour abroad, and performed in Berlin as the key band at the “Skapunkitalia Festival 2006”, alongside many German bands and the Italian band Arpioni. “Combat Circus”, released by Kob Records and Mad Butcher Records, and distributed by Venus, was given excellent media exposure and many positive reviews on musical magazines (Rockerilla, Rock Sound, Negative, etc.). To accompany the album, the band recorded a single: a video of the song “La Carovana”, which was produced with the help of director Giuseppe Tufarolo of MTV. Talco are currently switching between their ongoing Italian tour and gigs abroad: in Germany (e.g. at the anti-G8 demo in Berlin), Spain, Switzerland and Eastern Europe. Talco are a decidedly anti-Fascist and anti-racist ska-punk band, which believes in the independence of music and in the message music should convey to oppose all forms of discrimination.