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Supermarket Trio

Jazz, Fusion (Jazz-Rock), Instrumental
Contemporary jazz

Kroatien 10000 Zagreb

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Demosong: link

“Supermarket trio” thrives on contemporary jazz music and experiments with other genres like ethno-world, classic, fusion and traditional jazz. The result is a whopping mixture of tousled musical chords surprising the listener with the unique continuity. They play standard acoustic instruments like piano, drum set and bass, in formation that is easily finds in all periods of jazz music. Each member of the trio carry their own influences to the compositions and have found abundant satisfaction and happiness in playing music in this fashion.
Supermarket trio performed on 1st Balkan Performing Arts Market festival in Thessaloniki, Greece and Terminal00 festival in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Supermarket trio is currently booking festivals, concerts and club gigs. They wish to play their music to wider audience of Balkan, Europe and all over the world.

We need a simple set up stage for performing our concerts with piano, drums set and bass guitar amplifier on it.
For details please contact us.

 Hilfe-Popup Booking: Srdjan Nogic, bass player