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Shade of Hatred

Melodic Death Metal

Niederlande  De Bilt, Utrecht

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Shade of Hatred is a Melodic Death Metal band from Utrecht, The Netherlands. Originating from the mind of Florian, the band descended into existence in 2011. Based on a clear musical vision the group assembled itself with Rik as vocalist, Florian and Bas on guitar, Riccardo on bass and Yannick on drums. With a passion for melody as well as brutal force, the five young but experienced members deliver strong and enthralling songs interlaced with lyrical themes ranging from old forgotten mythological tales to the cold and dark reflections of today’s society. Driven, passionate, but most of all metal.

The band released their demo `Thanatus` in 2011, which was followed by an EP called `Invidious Revelations` in 2015. Now Shade of Hatred is back in the studio to record their first full length which is set to be released somewhere in April 2018. Having played as a support for bands like Heidevolk, Mayan and Gus G besides lots of regional and even some international shows, the band is making ground in underground metal scene fast.