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Tribal House, Worldmusic, Trance
African Trance Percussion

Deutschland 10 Berlin

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The African Trance Percussion Group Senegambigha consists of 6 artists / musicians from the Countries Senegal, Gambia and Ghana.The group is one of the most famous percussion groups in Northern Germany, maybe even the whole of Germany. They are also known in Berlin´s local clubs and many other German cities for getting the dance floor quickly filled, as quick as lightning flash. The musicians Mohamed Diafoune (Senegal), Ayo Nelson-Homiah (Gambia), Emmanuel Domprey (Ghana ), Gordon Odametey (Ghana), Ibrahim Alhado (Ghana), Omar Jobe (Senegal) are specialised in many different traditional instruments. The style of music played is, of course, traditional including vocals.We perform with instruments such as Djembe, Doundoumba, Kpalago, Seourouba, Talking Drum, Bougarabou, Flute, Maracas, Balafon, Water Drum and Mouth organ,to mention a few. The combination of the instruments played attracts the audience to invade the dance floor, and that is always a must !!

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