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Scarlet and the Spooky Spiders

Rock & Roll, Psychobilly, Horror-Punk
Death Rock

Italien 16134 Genoa

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The SPOOKY SPIDERS were born in October 2003.

The main idea flashed Scarlet`s mind around August.

In the early days of September Antilight was searching for a bass and a guitar player. In a couple of weeks Deathwish was in the band so they all started to play occasionally session.

First as a trio and then with two guitars. At that time the project was still named SUNGLASSES AFTER DARK. Around October two guys on guitar left the band and Antilight asked Lurch to jump in to replace them.

By that time SCARLET AND THE SPOOKY SPIDERS were officially born !

They started to play more regular rehearsal sessions and had their “first blood” gig in Lucca on January 24th 2004.

In spring 2005 the entered in studio to cut their first debut self produced Mini Cd: " POP UP YOUR EYES AND …THRILL ! " printed in a limited 300 copies edition (the one with red logo on it).

This 5 track MCD, a wild and catchy mix from their own different sources of inspiration, went sold out in a blast and has been very well reviewed from national music magazines (RARO !, BLOW UP, METAL HAMMER), national underground fanzine (ASCENSION MAGAZINES) and a lot of webzines all around the web.

But more than all a lot of people enjoy the band and the thrilling live set they played.

Antilight left the band on November 2005 and a new drummer jumped in : BolloX !

A couple of weeks later the Spiders were back on the road and close the year with a sold out gig for the New Years Eve party at Madelaine Cafè in Genova.

On the year 2006 they have been playing all around Italy (Torino,Bologna,Florence,Taranto) on very different stage sets (Tattoo Conventions, Biker Festival, Rock Club).

So they took a 3 week break from live shows and but on May 2006 they were back in studio to record a new CD: "BLOOD ON THE TRAKS".

Then back on the road again for a gig in London at the Halloween Party at the Purple Turtle in Camden Town.

From that time SCARLET AND THE SPOOKY SPIDERS play gigs all around Europe (Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Austria, England, Portugal, Poland, Czech Republic) and Italy .

2009 open with a new member that jump in the crazy spooky whirl: Evil T is the second Guitar and a new welcome member of the spooky family.

On April 2010 BolloX has left the band and has not yet been replaced by Emilio "Dave".

The work for the new CD is already started, will be registered in Fall 2012 will be more and more "undead and kicking" with their wild and row mixture of R`n`R, bad punk `77 attitude and a blast of 70`s Glam Rock…

In late October 2012 an European Tour will take place hitting Italy, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and England.

Stay Sick ! ! !

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