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Sacred Groove

Melodic Metal, Hard Rock, Melodic Rock

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SACRED GROOVE stands for energetic and ear catching songs with fat groove. The musical style is based anywhere between heavy rock and melodic metal. Lead singer Isabel´s exceptionally vibrant voice guarantees uniqueness. SACRED GROOVE.´s trademarks are bombastic guitar riffs, a grooving rhythm & bass section, symphonic key and piano-parts and multifarious, emotional vocals.

Stefan Deiners (drums) and Dennis Meivogel (guitars) founded the band in the nineties but in 2006 SACRED GROOVE was resurrected with the idea of a powerful female fronted melodic metal band. In the following 3 years Chris Schlotfeldt (bass) and F.J. Püllen (keys) were recruited to the band. New material was released in 2009 on the self titled debut record SACRED GROOVE. The new album received fantastic reviews. Finally in 2010 Isabel Willenberg joined the band as lead singer and the new album “Needful Things” was released in fall 2011.

SACRED GROOVE was nominated for the german Rock and Pop Awards in 2010 and performed live in the finals in Wiesbaden. In 2011 SACRED GROOVE was finalist in the worldwide Emergenza Festival Competition and performed a groundbreaking show at the Cologne Live Music Hall.

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