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Afrobeat, Indie Pop

Deutschland 10 Berlin

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we are tammy haider and eliza hiscox, and we make/sing/play the music of royalchord. we have acquired some new instruments over the last few years; namely a farfisa organ (a little broken), omnichord, a wooden block thingy we picked up in guatemala, an autoharp and vintage drum machine, and we are in the stages of recording our third album. steering away from the structured and built up sound of our previous releases, this will be somewhat of a deconstructed, stripped back, experimental piece of work. we are excited to be tucking ourselves away in the south of france, an old stone cottage in a village of 100 will our home for the next two months as we apply the finishing touches to our new album, which even to us seems to be taking a really long time. i guess that is what happens when you try to do it yourself.....

combining elements of electronic folk, with a neurotic and melancholic sensibility, when people ask us what our music sounds like, we say that the song styles vary greatly; from summer pop to funereal folk, to idiosyncratic electronic dance music for the down and out. a love for a good tune keeps us grounded, but we love to experiment. this keeps it interesting for us. ..