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Hip Hop, Klezmer (jid.), Ska

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RotFront drag you up onto your feet with their sweat-inducing mix of russian reggae, hungarian garage-rock, ska, klezmer and hip-hop. Forget pseudo-world music and pay respect to this band’s multi-national Emigrantski Raggamuffin!

RotFront is the brainchild of Yuriy Gurzhy, an expat Ukrainian musician, well
known as one half of the legendary Berlin-based Russendisko DJ collective, and his Hungarian fellow Simon Wahorn, a musician and DJ-originator of the Hungaro Groovers Soundsystem.

The band has been active since 2003 in various line-ups, staying faithful to their unique blend of eclectic styles, most notably reggae, klezmer, hiphop, cumbia and punk. Their turbo-driven "emigrantski raggamuffin" music, as they themselves call it, deals with everyday life in Berlin and adventures of an immigrant in a big city.

RotFront is best known for the energetic live performances notorious for the disappearance of the border between the stage and the dance floor after the first songs, when both the band and the crowd unite in a convoluted wild dance, while it is raining sweat and liquor. The band is offering the exquisite musical references adopted from the different eras and places presenting a particularly powerful compound that seems to penetrate the deepest crevices of the music loving souls. The effects of this chemical reaction are strikingly satisfying to the participants of the rite as well as to the observers that are quickly becoming involved despite not realizing that.

"Emigrantski Raggamuffin", RotFront`s first album (released in June 2009), was recorded in collaboration with Berlin producer Kraans De Lutin (Tiger HiFi, Martin Jondo, Culcha Candela). Guitarists and vocalists Yuriy Gurzhy and Simon Wahorn were joined by accordionist Daniel Kahn (his own superb band: Daniel Kahn & The Painted Bird), bombastic brass/woodwind trio Max Bakshish (clarinet and saxophone), Dan Freeman (saxophone) and Anke Luchs (trombone) with drummer Jan Pfennig (a legend in the Berlin Drum`n`Bass-scene, with a band called Human Sampler), fabulous female vocalist Dorka Gryllus (a Hungarian actress who has appeared in Sam Garbarsky’s “Irina Palm”, Wolfgang Murnberger’s “Der Knochenmann” and Fatih Akin’s latest film “Soul Kitchen”), and while he is the youngest band member, Mad Milian, is a name to watch out for in the Berlin HipHop scene.

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