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Electronic Rock, Breakbeat, Power Electronics

Niederlande 1000 XX Amsterdam

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With a mixture of techno, rock, electro and punk. Beatcreator Dick Roseboom, Wingman Wietze Vink and lyricist Dennis Jansen create an explosive sound that combines the heaviness of a rock band with the groove and loudness of a major dance party. We like to call it Cyberpunk

Roseboom: “We first got together during the rainy dutch summer of 2005. We hit the rehearsal room with one mission in mind...to have a complete outlet for our shared high musical energy and to create a new groundbreaking style in the crossover music.

It`s not only music. it`s an excuse to stop resisting, lose control and join the party. No holds barred.

“A fierce combination between Rage Against the Machine and the Prodigy, some fine noise” (3voor12, VPRO, Dutch medianetwork)

Did you know?

* Beatcreator Dick Roseboom was interim sound engineer for Electric Eel Shock on their Austrian / Swiss tour end of 2007 and a number of dutch shows with the BloodHound Gang.

*Guitarist Wietze and Lyricist Dennis provided a song to the score of Feature Film `Dead End` and had a cameo, whilst Dick took the producer seat.

Dick Roseboom - Beats & Sounds
Wietze Vink - Guitar
Dennis Jansen - Vox & Lyricist

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