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Project Silence

Industrial Metal, Dark Electro, Dark Ambient

Finnland 70620 Kuopio

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Demosong: MySpace


Project Silence is trance spirited industrial / experimental metal band from Finland. They fuse elements of dark electro and aggrotech and mixes brutal industrial metal and beautiful trance elements together. Project Silence was formed in 2008 by Delacroix.

January, 2008 Delacroix released few songs online and in couple months band quite rapidly increased their group of loyal listeners around Finland and from foreign countries. In june new drummer Silve_R joined to be official drummer and in the end of 2008 two guitarist J and Desperado joined.

In between 2008 and 2009 Delacroix recorded handful of demo songs which were downloadable freely and band is recording their debut 424-EP in 2009.
The Rest is history and this is just the beginning.

"deus mortuus est, ego non sum."

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