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Poor June

Melodic Hardcore

Deutschland 93437 Furth im Wald

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Demosong: MySpace

June `05 was that month when Marc and Matt met and the group "PoorJune" was
born. Many people came and left again, but first of all there were 3 guys who have always
been loyal with regard to the band: Marc (guitar), Matt (vocals) and Coffee (guitar).

In 2006, after many failures and due to a chance meeting, a drummer, Hase, was found
who completed the band`s line-up. After that our then bass-player Max followed, who later
had to leave the band in winter 2007 to study biochemistry. In his footsteps the new bass-
player Heinz (known from the former band "virgin and fish") followed in spring of 2008.

2007 became the hardest year and that with the most changes, which at first seemed to
foretell the end of the group.
It took great strength to keep the whole band together. None of us knew how to get over
the troubles. Finally, Marc was determined to drop out after the band`s uncertainties and
now the guitar-player Matthe occupies his place.

Nevertheless we hope Marc will find whatever he`s searching for, but never loosing the
love of music.

Lot of thanks for the fantastic time and the best to you.

In Spring 2008 came the baptism of fire for the new band "PoorJune", which tried to look
forward and stop burrowing back into the past.

With the aim of doing something new, we say goodbye to the old flavoring and hello to the

A nu PoorJune, a nu style!!! ___________________________________________________________________________________________

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