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Petter Carlsen

Indie Pop, Singer / Songwriter

Norwegen  Alta

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Beautifully atmospheric, his music has been identified by Anathema as something very special. Indeed, Danny Cavanagh states that ”once I heard Petter Carlsen`s incredible voice and beautiful songwriting, as well as his warm personality, I always felt that he would be connected to and part of the inner circle of Anathema for a long time to come. Quite apart from being a great friend, he is the most talented musician I have ever met in my life."

From Alta, far up in Northern Norway, singer and music maker Petter Carlsen released his debut album “You Go Bird” in August 2009, which entered the charts at #14. The music is atmospheric and melodic. His second album "Clocks Don`t Count" was released in 2011 in Norway. Loaded with atmosphere, contrasts and dynamics it has been awarded with great reviews. Produced by Christer André Cederberg.

Now the time has come to release a special edition of “Clocks Don`t Count” in Europe through UK label Function Records. Release date May 28th.

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