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Paranoid Mind

Rock, Alternative Rock, Progressive Rock

Polen  Poznań

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We are a PARANOID MIND (Progressive/Alternative/Experimenral) and we come from Poland. The band is formed by Piotr Wtorek and Jeremiasz Baum in 2015. After a long search for the rest of the line-up, the band was joined by vocalist, Michal Łakomy and a year later by bassist, Adam Wilczek. Paranoid Mind have released the debut album Ascendence on 28th June 2018.
The most characteristic part of the band is the fact that we does not have an electric guitar player, but it does not prevent us from playing some elements of rock and metal in our music. Our music is a fusion of sharp, strongly rhythmic playing with unusual harmonies and charismatic vocals, and it is well emphasized by the words that appeared in the review of our debut album in the May edition of Metal Hammer: "Nowadays the concept is everything. Paranoid Mind took this wisdom to heart, because their musical proposition has something that we do not often experience in Poland - a hint of originality.”

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