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P Pole Pan

Alternative Rock, Bastard Pop (Mashup), Progressive Rock

Belgien 1060 Brüssel

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A mixture between the GOD PAN : a musician and wine & nymphs lover and PETER PAN : the eternal child. P Pole Pan began in autumn 2002 around Paolo Pan`s musical compositions with Franck Baya (Saule & les Pleureurs, Françoiz Breut, Mièle) on drums and Olivier Delcor (Saule & les Pleureurs) on bass. Flirting between rock, sometimes dark and progressive, pop and trip hop, P Pole Pan recorded a first album in 2005 :« On the Hill of the God Pan » with the help of Pierre Vervloesem (dEUS, Monsoon, Attica, X-Legged Sally, Flat Earth Society, A Group…) at Fiasco Studio (Brussels). E.T. (Kris Dane), Véronique Jaquemein (Moonpie, Daydreamer) and Toby Richardson (Little Absences) are invited on this album. For the next 2 years the band has been touring with Stéphane Vandemaele (Monsoon) on drums and Dimitri Evers (Univers Zero) on bass. During 2007, P Pole Pan started working on the recording of their second L.P.: « Animalove » with Renaud Van Holland (Pierre Vervlosemen) on drums. The album has been mixed and mastered beginning of 2008 by Pierre Vervloesem at Fiasco Studio. The track "Unique" has been selected for the PureDemo competition, season 3. 2 tracks from "Animalove" appear on the sound track of the movie by Patrick Becker: "Opium" (Audio Visual Works Prod.) who has produced the "Lost Dog" video clip. During 2008, Paolo Pan has been working on the recording of a solo pop-electronic album: " [this.shit.hits.his.tits]" and in autumn 2008, T’joens (Blutch) joined P Pole Pan on bass, Benoit Derycke (Tommy) on drums and Nico Gitto (Kazimir Gluton/Zoft) on guitar. The band is currently working on some new songs and preparing a live set.

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