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Omri Vitis

Worldmusic, Folk, Singer / Songwriter

Israel  Tel Aviv

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To quote Harold Jacobs : “Omri is a true rocker in the tradition of the Boss. He`s got the power! “
* Omri’s style is acoustic folk/rock which combines classic western folk and alternative rock music together with ethnic influences such as eastern european, south american, african, middle eatern and others.

Omri was born in Kibuts Dalia and grew up there.
He spent a couple of his teenage years in South Africa.
He lived in London in the past decade. This is where he wrote, recorded and performed as a solo artist or with his bands.
Omri was signed to Fire Records (Pulp, Teenage Fanclub, Space Man 3, Built To Spill and others) with his band-April.
With April he recorded and released his debut UK album-Unite .
He was later signed to Organic Records as a solo artist.

Omri relocated to Tel Aviv- Israel last year and played many gigs across the country since his return.
He also participated in several radio shows including a couple with Yoav Kutner:,L-4002393,00.html
his first Israeli release is due later this year.
here is a link to a single from the forth coming album:
here is another link to a live band show in Tel Aviv:

Omri currently performs with Ohad Cuts on Guitars and percussion.

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