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Worldmusic, Chill-Out, Easy Listening

Deutschland 22337 Hamburg

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Omkar is a multi-instrumentalist and composer
running a studio in Hamburg, Germany.
The basics are
Worldmusic, Ambient, Lounge,
Easy Listening, New Age
with a blend of Classic and Jazz.

I`m composing and performing multi-instrumental.
Over the time I accomplished equipment for a small studio in Hamburg, Germany.

I used to play in live bands on different instruments,
basically drums, percussion, guitar and flute
and I wrote the songs.

Today I prefer to work on solo projects
and the digital age enables me to apply instruments from computer.

The challenge producing digital to me is
to find the expressions of the instruments as I would play them live.
To produce without having the instruments starched and inflexible.
I`m trying to create the instruments in a vital way
although assisted with computer and sequencer.

All publications are produced independent so far
and the free material is licensed under the terms of creative commons.