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Hardcore Punk, Melodycore, Skatecore

Deutschland 82467 Garmisch-Partenkirchen

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"The band Noopinion was formed in 1999. Several hundreds of shows, 3 unreleased albums (End of the line ’00 / Papa Punkrock ‘ 03 / Hero gets girl ’04) and one bassist and a drummer later – you find this Punkrock / Hardcoreband touring across the seven seas…after being almost everywhere in Europe and twice to the U.S.A – from L.A to Florida and back - Noopinion had the honor of being one of the fist Punkbands to visit China. three times now..…from Beijing to Honk Kong.

The four guys who impress and inspire through an exciting, high energy stage performance supported major bands such as Discharged (UK), The Wohlstandskinder, ZSK,Itchy Poopskid, Fire In The Attic, 3 feet smaller(A), Red Light Flash(A), Bambix(NL), Flyswatter, Emil Bulls, Fonzie(P), Goldkids(I), The Briefs(CA), Yaja The Cat(USA), Chaser(USA), Guttermouth(USA), Satanic Surfers(SWE), Turbo Ac..s(USA), The Real Mc Kenzies(CA), Boy Sets Fire(USA), Venerea(SWE), Good Riddance (USA), Bouncing Souls(USA), Tribute to Nothing(UK), Endstand(SWE), Bombshell Rocks(SWE), Much The Same(USA), HedPe(USA), Opm(USA) and many, many more.

Hard riffs mixed with flowing rhythms, melodic singing, screaming and earcatching choruses are very well put together in unusual songs schemes which are still easy to listen. This is very well proven in the recently recorded album “Allegro” which is produced and distributed by Modern Noise."

Over the years noopinion toured through Germany, Austria, Uk, Italy, China, Usa, France, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, Czech Rep.. In the year 2006 noopinion was on european stages not more and not less than 85 times,in 2007 they toped it and played 90 shows and 2008 again over 70 shows........to be continued..........!!!

 Hilfe-Popup Booking: patrik fischer