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Mayz are a four piece rock band with lots of experience on the gig scene. They are commited to doing their thing musically, and this is apparent in the quality of the songwriting and the fact they are not afraid to try something new!! They have recently completed a 2000 mile tour around the Czech Republic! They have also played the prestigious Futurum Music Bar Prague...
The new E.P. is distributed by Stern Records at the iTunes online stores in UK, Japan, Canada, Europe and the USA. The song Eagle from the Monkey Brain E.P. is already available through every iTunes store in the world as part of the Dead Famous compilation album. Monkey Brain has secured regular plays on American and European Independent radio. Their first E.P. review in 1997 by The News in Portsmouth said “A collision of hard rock chords combined with melodic harmonies”, with consistent high regard for their proficient musical abilities and intense song writing, their latest release shows the band gaining more favour ten years on; “[Mayz] have brought the new wave of British heavy metal from the 70’s/ 80’s slap bang into the new millennium (overall 8/10)” WannaC Promotions. Although Mayz feel that they are more Hard Rock than Metal.

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