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1983 - Mayhem is formed. Euronymous on guitar, Necrobutcher on bass, Manheim on drums. Their band name is taken from the Venom song "Mayhem with Mercy".
1985 - First live show.
1986 - The first demo, "Pure Fucking Armageddon" is released. Messiah later joins as session vocalist. At some point Messiah leaves. Later, Maniac joins as permanent vocalist.
1987 - Second demo, "Deathcrush", is released. Manheim and Maniac leave Mayhem. Torben (drums) and Kittil (vocals) from the band Vomit join Mayhem, but both leave shortly thereafter.
1988 - Dead joins the band in the summer, followed by Hellhammer a few weeks later.
1990 - Freezing Moon and Carnage are recorded for the CBR Compilation.
1991 - Dead kills himself in April. Necrobutcher leaves the band. Occultus joins Mayhem as bassist/vocalist to take their places, but leaves shortly after joining. Euronymous opens up Helvete in Oslo.
1993 - Recording for "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas" is completed. Attila Csihar handles the vocals, Count Grishnackh handles bass."Live In Leipzig" is released and dedicated to Dead. Euronymous is murdered by Count Grishnackh. Mayhem ceases to exist.
1994 - "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas" is finally released and dedicated to Euronymous.
1995 - Mayhem is reformed by Hellhammer, original vocalist Maniac, former bassist Necrobutcher, and new guitarist Blasphemer (from fellow Norwegian band Aura Noir).
1996 - "Freezing Moon" Picture LP is released. "Out From The Dark" is released.
1997 - "Wolfs Lair Abyss" mLP/mCD is released. Nordgaren joins as live rhythm guitarist, plays during the Mayhem Invades England tour.
1998 - "Ancient Skin/Necrolust" single is released. Nordgaren stays on during Mayhem rehearsals, later leaves Mayhem when he moves to England.
1999 - "Mediolanum Capta Est" is released. Split 7" with Zyklon-B is released.
2000 - "Grand Declaration Of War" is released.
2001 - "European Legions: Live In Marseille" is released on VHS/DVD, also as limited edition CD. "European Legions" and "U.S. Legions" are released.
2002 - "Split 7inch w/ Meads Of Asphodel" is released, later released on CD with bonus tracks. "The Stuidio Experience" box set is released.

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