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Marazene Machine

Metal, Industrial Metal, Industrial Rock

USA  Chicago, IL

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Demosong: MySpace

Chicago`s MARAZENE MACHINE have lumbered onto the underground National scene like Megatron on crack; One half Metal-Melting Dominant-Aggresor, and one half New-Age Technological Wizard.

Borne from the industrial landscape that birthed MINISTRY, coupled with the ferocious guitars of DISTURBED with a sprinkle of the song writing flair of the SMASHING PUMPKINs BILLY CORGAN, a new emerging Windy City landmark sets it`s sights on history with music destined to inspire todays and future generations.

MARAZENE MACHINE music is the Beauty in the Suffering of a DysTopian Planet desperately holding on to it`s last shreds of individuality in the face of overwhelming Doomsday Assimilation by the International [global] Mega Corporations.

MARAZENE MACHINE music is contagious, infectious; the Abominable Anti-Reaction to the American Idol Mentality and the FINAL SOLUTION for Reality Television Regurgitation.

Riding head-first into the End Times, The Violent New Millennial Breed line up to join the SkumF***er Nation, the last best hope for Mankind.

The time for the MARAZENE MACHINE is NOW.

Witness the Rise of the MARAZENE MACHINE SkumF***er Nation

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