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Alternative Rock

Iran  Rasht

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In 2014, in the city of Rasht, “Makhoola,” which has started by the name of “Xoroos,” begin to rock! Gradually, by recording and developing the early ideas, the bands’ structure has started to form, and moving forward, by independently releasing the single tracks on social media, the band was able to introduce itself to Rock fans in Iran.
In the early stages, after months of practice and rehearse, the band performed in some small and underground concerts, and by the growth of its’ fanbase circle, it decided to perform in bigger concerts, which was naturally challenging, due to different difficulties in Iran.
Nevertheless, eventually in 2018, owing to consistencies, the band held its’ first concert in Rasht. And it was a start to a more serious approach in the bands’ activities, from more live performances in different cities, to recording the first album, and releasing it in the year 2021.
Makhoola hasn’t limited itself to the Rock genres, and as a result, a single track might not be sufficient for audience to get the generic air of the bands’ work, which itself is by reason of different tastes in formation of the band and wider range of common language between the bandmates.
For the time being, beside recording its’ second album, Makhoola is rehearsing for the next concert, after the resolution of restrictions, caused by COVID-19.

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