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Doom Metal
Sonic Doom, Epic Sludge



MOULD is a droning low-tuned five-piece from the Netherlands, merging sonic doom (Windhand) and epic sludge (YOB, Neurosis, Thou). The blend of their guitar-heavy sound with atypical/clean female and male vocals gives their music a unique sound. Call it heavy with a sparkle, massive but open, gorgeously sludgy.

Although conceived earlier by guitarists Mark de Smit and Jeska Buhmann, MOULD evolved into a full-blown guitar driven, live-playing band in 2021. After a series of live performances, their focus in 2023 was on finalizing their debut album Pull & Repulsion. Each composition portrays its own sliding landscape, evoking oppressive and absorbing atmospheres. MOULD is impatiently anticipating sharing their energy and music with devotees of slow heaviness.

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