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Hard Rock, Progressive Metal

Irland  Dublin, Paris (France)

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After living in Paris for a number of years, in 2015, Dublin born Gary Kelly, the band’s guitarist and singer, began searching for musicians to join him in forming a new band. He was introduced to guitarist Steven Andre through a friend. After hearing Andre’s fantastic hard rock, bluesy style - clearly influenced by greats like Gary Moore, Slash and Brian May - he was sold, and immediately asked Steven to join him.

Soon after, the duo reached out to bassist Sébastien de Saint-Angel, after listening to him play on his successful YouTube channel.

Over the next two years, the search for a singer failed to find the right fit, so Kelly, a first time singer, took on the job. Necessity is the mother of invention, as they say.

Their debut album has not come out of the blue. It’s a piece of work that has been crafted note by note over a three year period. After long hours spent in day jobs, during the nights, they set about recording an album with a huge melodic sound that will leave others to analyse, just how a body of work of immense quality and production was achieved from a bedroom studio.

By day, Kelly is a graphic designer. Never straying far from his roots, he’s a music designer, working with global acts like U2, The Script, Leonard Cohen among others, and naturally also designed MolyBaron’s own illustrative album sleeve. The ambiguous monochrome cover features a small orb hovering ominously over a near-empty landscape, it’s energy pulling a man, transfixed to a TV, from the comfort of his armchair. Pink Floyd’s sleeve designer Storm Thorgerson at Hypnosis, would surely be proud of it.

Amongst these strange times, MolyBaron’s lyrics do not hide from commenting on a world seemingly at odds with itself. ‘Fear Is Better Business Than Love’, sees one of the album’s reoccurring themes of abuse of corporate power and a culture of deception for profit

Their eponymously-named debut album takes its cue from the intelligent, melodic, powerful sounds that influence this band: from Metallica, Muse, Alter Bridge, Rage Against The Machine, Zeppelin through to the soundscapes of U2, Radiohead, Max Richter.

Widely praised by critics - Rock Hard magazine named MOLYBARON as the Best Discovery Act of 2017, Hard Force Top 5, MyRock magazine and many more.

The band have played a number of notable concerts, including the legendary Elysée Montmarte, Le Forum Vauréal and La Boule Noire.

Summer 2019 MOLYBARON brings the opportunity to play many festivals including Metal Days, Slovenia, Festival 666, Raismes Fest and many more, in preparation for the release of their second album.