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Lasana Bandelé

Roots Reggae

Jamaika  Kingston, Catadupa

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Demosong: MySpace

Lasana Bandelé is a prolific Jamaican Singer, Songwriter, Poet, Musician and music producer who delivers his own brand of Reggae music with great depth, passion and complete conviction, has establishes his presence here online. It was Dermot Hussey - Journalist/Author/Broadcaster/Program Director XM Satellite Radio who once said, "Lasana Bandelé is an original whose words and music succeeds beautifully because it is what exciting music does best, it surprises us with the delightful discovery of places where we have never been."

His CD is titled "Storitela" includes songs like "Living In Shacks", "Big City", "Break Free" "Waiting Inside" and more. He has performed on major festivals such as SunSplash, Sumfest, City Stages to name a few. His TV Special titled "The Storitela" was filmed and aired on Jamaican Television. Lasana Bandele`s music, poetry, biography, Interviews and more on this his official Website has revealed a lot about this compelling Son of Jamaica. His Second CD is ready and will be released soon with surprises and more intrigue.

This Jamaican Singer/Songwriter/Poet/Musician/Producer has, here on his website also introduced the world to his Home Town of Catadupa in St. James, a brief history of his beloved country Jamaica and its enormously rich culture and heritage by way of a Flash Movie, Jamaican Proverbs and their meanings, Jamaican words and their meanings love by people from all walks of life, giving us a glance of from where the power of his own music emanates.

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