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Deep House

Argentinien  Bueonos Aires

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Kermesse is a project from Buenos aires, musically influenced by berlin’s scene, eastern melodies and their own south american roots.
The guys became good friends on the road, touring and playing club music for a long time with previous individual projects.
Around 2015 they decided to join forces to express their common interest in shifting to a more organic sound and slower groovy beats.
During 2017 Kermesse released their first tracks on labels like Unlock (Argentina), and For the People (Canada). Songs oriented to the house music culture with the addition of colorful sounds.
In 2018 they released “Bohemia” on Lump recordings, an EP that travels among oriental harmonies and dark atmopheres. Soon after, they released “Bioma” EP on the German label Serafin Audio Imprint. Three solid tracks that blend southamerican folk with indian percussions plus a remix from Iorie. “Bioma” caught the attention of top DJs from the scene, helping spread the tracks to audiences worldwide.
In August, “Dub Kantine” EP came out on Spanish label LNDKHN, which included a remix from Mira&Chris Schwartzwalder that reached #1 on beatport’s downtempo charts.
At the end of 2018 Kermesse first’s album was released on german label The Magic Movement. The album is a compilation of "songs" that originally came through the guitar, and later on those songs became tracks, some focused on dancefloor action and some to be listen in variable context. David Benjamin a.k.a Noema was also involved in the process added his knowledge and ideas to the tracks.

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