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Karli Owli

Dancehall, Reggae, Ragga

Jamaika 876 Portland

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Demosong: MySpace


A very jovial, humble, integrtiy, intelligent, and determined individual (determined to succeed) can define Karli-Owli. Rising up from a family of musicians such as Andrew “Joe-Culture” Sinclair, manager and keyboard player for the Black Culture band and his off-springs was a great experience for him. Karl Wilson aka Karli-Owli born on the the 13th day of January in Portland, Jamaica, W.I., now resides in Koblenz, Germany. He expresses himself most fully in the Reggae and Dancehall genre. This provided the channel he used to emphasized his singing/songwriting skills and deliver his messages of love and affection which combine a mixture of clean and conscious lyrics, lifestyle, words of encouragement that will uplift your musical soul and fitting together with his original reggae melodic vocal styles.

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