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Johnny Trouble & The Rambling Men

Country/Western (am.), Rock & Roll

Deutschland 70 Stuttgart

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Johnny Trouble and The Rambling Men formed in 2005. Johnny formed this band after he cancelled ” His CountryScum ” ,
a country trio with a special line up: Rhythm Guitar, Upright Bass and a rockin Blues Harp. They played numerous shows
all over Germany. They opened for Deadbolt, The Planetrockers, The Cynics, The Fuzztones…
Then, 2004 Vincenzo entered the band - Playing rhythm guitar, Johnny was able to play lead guitar.
They toured again all over Germany. When jobs got low they hung out on streetcorners and jammed for a few dimes to pay their rent.
In 2005 Stompin Johnson got picked up to play drums, harp player got kicked out because of medical problems.

Johnnys new line up is maybe the best so far: Their sound is a wild mix of dusty Country-Rockabilly-Blues.
Beside coversongs from Johnny Cash, Johnny Horton, Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, Motorhead, The Ramones, Guns N Roses… they got an extensive program of own rockin Country-Rockabilly-Blues-Songs written by Johnny Trouble himself.

The bands debut album ” Highway Blues ” is coming soon and maybe then they get a chance to show their skills in foreign
countrys. So please book this band from Stuttgart cause these guys can really rock and roll…