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Indie Pop, Synthie Pop
Experimental Pop, Indie Heartcore

Lettland  Riga

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Instrumenti, a two piece electro indie pop band, has proven to be amongst the best Baltic live acts of the decade.

Formed in 2009 by two academically educated musicians. Shipsi (vocals/keyboards) has one of the most impressive falsettos today’s music has to offer while Reynsi (drums/ keyboards/vocals) has a genuine talent of creating incredibly rich and warm sound backed up with beautiful harmonies. Instrumenti sound has been described as a mix of Muse, Sigur Rós and Michael Jackson.

In August 2011 Instrumenti released their debut album TRU recorded at the Greenhouse studios in Reykjavik, collaborating with producers and arrangers who’ve worked on most of Sigur Rós, Björk and Jónsi’s records.

Being the most sought-after Baltic act, Instrumenti have played the biggest venues in the Baltic states and have taken part in numerous festivals and showcases all over Europe (Germany, Austria, Iceland, Norway, Poland, UK, France, Belgium, Czech Republic etc.).

What makes Instrumenti captivating is the duo’s natural wit, charisma, creativity and skills that allow them to delicately blend different styles and genres, creating an enjoyable aural and visual adventure.

In December 2011, mere months after the local release of TRU, Instrumenti threw spectacular TRU shows – completed with massive production and impressive video projections – attracting more than 12 000 people.

Last summer Instrumenti participated in a number of European festivals, playing alongside Friendly Fires, Keane, The Vaccines, Skrillex among others. Instrumenti has been invited to open for Depeche Mode, Kasabian, Mika, James Blunt, The Wombats.

Instrumenti second studio album PROCRASTINATION was released on May 21, 2013.