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Band IMMER establish in the year 1992 in Czech Thesen gamma fellas that the even before got on military service together played in band HEVER – then Tom „Sikes“ Sikora (ex-STRES,HEVER,KOMTUR),Ivo "Suso" Rezac (ex-HEVER,HROT,KOMTUR) a Gerhard "Sony" Drong (ex-BRUTALIKA,HEVER),style bands was classical heavy metal 80th years ala ACCEPT,JUDAS PRIEST etc.After closure military service Suso and Sikes send together in the band KOMTUR,whose two members Dano Sikes a Mario Waliczek today forms base bands SEPPUKA.After a year´s incidence in band KOMTUR,where Suso played untraditionally on bass guitar and Tom Sikes only sang,rises perhaps after yearly pause band IMMER stylishly intent on death metal.Band she wanted play originally in quardipatrite group,then with by two guitar.Luck like guitarist tried among others in Immer and contemporary bass guitarist from SEPPUKA Bulis (ex-BORON),but cooperation at the time go wrong and band stays like trio.In the year 1993 is ready perhaps 15th compotions repertoire,and in FORS studio in Czech Thesen proceeds recording 3 compotions,demo"Silence After Thunderstorm",which had forerun 1st CD.Presently have musicians yet successful lateral pastime metal´s project ŽIZEŇ ,where triad supports in addition Dan Sikes from SEPPUKA and Rado Kavík.Everything looked hopefully,but agreement different circumstance be the cause of,that the in the year 1994 IMMER data circuit-terminating equipment his activity,and looks is,that the forever . Long 12 years as far,as by the year 2006 abided,than Sikes,Suso and Gerta got again taste to the playing and return IMMER was in the world.After almost biennial peripetias,when band didn´t have personal test-room and tried near to SEPPUKA,at last smile stay and in his test-room began at last hard work on brand-new material.Several times here was mention of band SEPPUKA and it is necessary tell,that the both bands very nearly cooperate,thereupon isn´t surely nothing peliculiar,when Sikeses,frontmens of both bands,are brothers.Tom Sikes help out in SEPPUKA on bass guitar at concerts until at,than returned to the band new and old bass guitarist Bulis.Also help out with attendant vocal on board SEPPUKA 2008 "Ronin". The last week in August 2008 is coming IMMER to the GM studies in Jablunkov,to recording his first long-play disk,but everything must be on the ground,of collapse drummer Gerta (that after he leaves band),displaced person excepting first December week.In the meantime band seismographic whole material with new support behind percussion,Pigur from SEPPUKA!! CD "Ash to Ash & Dust To Dust" would had go out in the first half of January and includes 13 compositions that the will,how hope,all homesters fans well amuse.

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