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Metal, Thrash Metal, Death Metal

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gnorance was founded 2002 when Michael "Mikkey" Baumann, Manuel "Manu" Berberich and Daniel "Danny" Swink decided to try again to start up a band. Manu was the drummer and Mikkey switched from bass to guitar. Soon they found a bass player with Eddy Betz. Shortly afterwards a second guitar was found with Marcel Losert. From 2002 until July 2003 the band members spent their time for writing songs and finding their own sound.
In July 2003 Ignorance had its first live gig at the Fuchsstadt Open Air which was headlined by Justice.
Since 2003 Ignorance has often played as opening act for Justice, Falling Yggdrasil, Legacy, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, Suidakra, Final Breath and, Dryrot. They also played many Clubgigs make one..s mark and leave some other band far behind with their action-packed show.
Ignorance has its roots in thrash metal but is very dark or doomy at the same time. The groove is also very important for a good Ignorance song “Legion” is the first Studio-Album and was released in November 2004. Its a mix of 10 songs written from Dannys fantasy (Legion) and songs about our sick world, these are based on real things that have happend.
In October 2006 the 2nd Studio album "Bloodfed" was recorded and released. “Bloodfed” is the latest opus and revolves mainly a vampire. The songs on “Bloodfed” showed a wider range on Metal styles and an also bigger variety in Melodies and harmonies.

After a Line up Change in January 2007 they are reinforced and ready for the stage to rock everything to the ground! The new man on guitar is called Stefan “Fritz” Thorwarth.

Now the time has come and Ignorance is writing new Songs, the new Sound is faster and more Bay Area Thrash and Hardcore, like Bands such as Machine Head.,Hatesquad, Soulfly and so on.

For the guys from Ignorance the most important thing is to have fun, writing music together and playing live.

Current Line Up: Danny (V) Fritz (G) Marcel (G), Eddy (B) Manu (D)

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