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Alternative Rock, Indie-Rock
Dirty Rock Pop

England BN1 4QE Brighton

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Demosong: MySpace

We are no strangers to genre merging bringing more obscure music to narrow minded mainstream chart fans what with The Kooks indie pop that flirts delicately with the acoustic side of straight-back indie guitar sounds and lightly courts bouncy Brit-pop-esk tempos yet maintains the safe pop vocals combined with softer lyrics; and Jamie T’s reggae-garage-indie-pop. This review is of an as yet untapped resource who will hold you hand and pull you towards the return of emphatic dirty Rock-pop. Since Donny Tourette’s failure to launch into the public eye with his laughably self indulgent not quite controversial TV appearances and his album which tries just a little too hard to be ‘rock and roll’ – it is my delight to find a band whose dirty charm and selfish arrogance is by no means sycophantic, and is actually backed up by riffs and melodies conducive to the Rock-pop genre. I-Koma is like making love to Tommy Lee and Luke Pritchard at the same time. Yes, you are tied up and smashed to pieces with ballsy riffs and a classic melting electric sonorousness, but I-Koma will tell you they love you whilst doing it and caress you ears with permissive harmonic vocals. Despite being slightly let down by the material found on that voyeuristic window of myspace we all seem to love, the bands new material has managed to shake off that incubus cliché and replace it with something untamed yet crafted, raw yet catchy, sounding reminiscent of early Audioslave – but with an attractive English pop bounce. On stage the band this does nothing to disappoint, seducing there audience effortlessly. Aesthetically pleasing, with all the trimmings of iconic big hair and dirty leather, Lanky front man Davey Perry’s cavalier arrogance not dissimilar to a certain ex-libertine, makes you want so much to hate the band but persuades you indecently to be attracted to them like the cool kids at school, making you want to take drugs to impress them and hoping secretly that they will acknowledge you, back combed hair and cheeky ripped jeans, as one of them. To categorised and attempt to vaguely pigeon-hole the bands sound, I-Koma sits boisterously chomping at the bit in that precious space between the classic Full Foo-fighter/ Nirvana sound and the pop riddled Mcfly, holding the hands of young pop/rock fans with nicely polished vocals, all the while leading them away from the familiar southern counties radio rubbish towards better more intense sex, drugs and rock n roll. Picking up where Puddle of Mudd and Nine Black Alps failed, this stereotypically ‘Rock n Roll’ based quartet appeal as much as a product image to any music consumer, and flag the press down, seeking attention relentlessly with a superior consistent sounding music and technically astute fierce base lines. Be prepared for this sticky- to – touch dirty Rock pop to be a firm summer festival favourite.

 Hilfe-Popup Booking: Jo-Rosie