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Progressive Metal

Iran  Teheran

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Heterochrome started when Mohammadreza (Arash) Rezaei, and Mida Malek met and collaborated as the Lead Guitarist and Vocalist in 2014. Arash has been playing and music for years, playing a variety of instruments such as the Taar, piano, bass and electric guitar. His musical inspirations include but are not limited to Tool, Meshuggah, Opeth, Ne Obliviscaris and etc. He received his Master`s Degree in Sound Engineering from Berklee Collage of Music in 2019 where he got the chance to work and collaborate with some of the biggest names in the music industry such as .... . Mida has been singing and playing the guitar since they were 9, making music on their own before joining Arash to form the Heterochrome Band. Mida is a Queer`s and Women`s rights activist based as a guest on the traditional, ancestral and unneeded territories of the Coast Salish people known as BC, Canada as of 2019 where they work as a singer, actor and playwright. Together they co-wrote their songs and made a unique sound that drew in numerous musicians to play with them. The band was officially formed and started recording their first album (Melancholia) at Chaotic Waves studio in Tehran when Mohammad Mirboland joined as Drummer in 2016 followed by Armin Afzali on Base and Amir Taghavi on Rhythm guitar who joined the band later on during the band rehearsals. Melancholia which is a concept album based off Dante`s Divine Comedy turned dark, was officially released and distributed in 2017, followed by a one night exclusive live performance of the album in Tehran in January of 2018. The band now consisting of Arash, Mida and Mohammad has developed a different sound for their second album (From The Ashes), with lyrics and music pointing out social and political issues of both their home country Iran, such as incarceration and criminalization of the metal genre, homosexuality and female singing, and on a larger scale the world, such as the climate change dilemma. Their first single of the second album, "The Flight" was released in Jan 2021 in memory of those killed when the UIA flight 752 was shot out of the sky by the IR regime, promising a new sound for the band as they welcome more collaborations with featured artists from all around the globe on different instruments.

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