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Folk, Electronic
Eletronic Folk

Israel  Tel Aviv

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ocals & Sound loops, kick up vibes with Glitchy beats, Helfer takes you on a hazy upbeat journey, armed with a computer, controller, guitar and a microphone.
Defined as a “promising international artist”, Helfer has established himself as one of the key players in the indie field due to years of composing, producing, arranging, recording & performing with his Electronic Rock band “Kitzu”, Folktronica band “Folo” and other top collaborations.
He’s written scores for dance performances, movies and has participated in multidisciplinary improvisations.
With this fresh solo project, he now brings his inner truth to the front of the stage.
Signed with the leading indie label, Anova Music, Helfer is now working on his debut 7′ single.

Still don’t get the picture?
Take a ride through the bouncy vibes of Caribou, the Glitchy complex beats of Baths and Gold Panda and mix it with Devendra Banhart’s poetic song writing.