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Soul, Electro Pop

Deutschland 20 Hamburg

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Demosong: SoundCloud

This is Heartbeast. A sublime feeling. An aesthetic style of visualisation that manifests between the upright European conservatism and the fictional dreamy fantasies of exotic colonies in the 19th century.
Inspired by the misty-eyed romantic fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm, 1001 Nights including other folktales from all over the world; the duo takes the audience into a fantasy world where everything is possible.
The musical core of Heartbeast is the singer NALA and the instrumentalist COSACK.
Around them operates a tightly-knit young team of musicians, graphic designers, producers, illustrators, photographers, filmmakers and even lawyers. All these talented people are part of the same circle of friends and are devoted to the idea of building up a visual and musical experience with love for detail.