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Iran  Teheran

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Hashtaad began their journey in the summer of 2017 based on a simple idea: To play 80’s pop. Singer and guitar player Massoud Ziyaee who is known as a blues artist thought of forming a band with a theme: To play Pop songs 0f 80’s.
He then talked a lot of other known rock musicians who he thought are interested the idea. One was rock bassist Ali Khadivi who joined almost instantly and then keyboardist Mohammad Ali Pourkhesalian, drumer Sina Aqdam and guitarist Mehrad Heydary, joined and Hashtaad was born.
Hashtaad means Eighty in Persian. Right from the very first rehearsal it was obvious that the chemistry is working. Six months later in the early days of 2018 Hashtaad got their first gig in the Music University of Tehran. The band managed a self-sufficient method of doing all the things and quickly were noticed in the underground music scene. Hashtaad played their 2nd and 3rd sold out performances on the Tech Studio, and after that they performed two other sold out shows on Farhang Center and Farabi Hall until covid19 took the world by its shock.People come to Hashtaad shows for good music and a good vibe.In circumstances where most of the indie and underground bands last only for one or two projects and performances, Hashtaad maintained their recognition as band that put on good show. Hashtaad started to write their own songs soon after the first live event and on the 4th one at they played their first unreleased original song. The audience reaction to the original song was so heartwarming and the band kept on working on original materials.

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