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Half Past Dead

Hatecore, Melodic Metal, Death Metal

Deutschland 66 Saarbrücken

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Half Past Dead was born out of the ashes of a grindcore-project in Y2K2 and was never meant to sound like the „new wave of American heavy metal“ - although we actually do: four guys trying to play some oldschool hardcore with a drummer sounding like Blind Guardian.

As soon as the line-up was complete, the band developed their own style combining melodic riffing and furious blastbeat attacks with doublebass action and hardcore breakdowns. Last but not least, brutal shouts complete Half Past Dead`s sound to a punch straight to your face.

In Y2K4 we released our first demo-cd ( which is still available ) and countless shows with bands such as Tankard, 100Demons, Bleed into one, Tension* and many others followed.

In fall Y2K5 we recorded our first mini-album - „all my rage will rise today“ – with enormous enthusiasm at Guma studios. After all the sweat and time we put into this record we are proud to hit the street again to promote this six-track brain-smashing-bone-breaking and ass-kicking piece of f´n metal.
So, don`t miss Half Past Dead blasting down a stage in a city near you!

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