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Groove Session

Jazzfunk, Fusion (Jazz-Rock), Rock

USA  Los Angeles, Ontario


Demosong: MySpace

The “GrooveSession” is a quality of eclectic music. Funk to fusion, jam & jazz. Many layers...The bands origin began with Manny Sanchez a drummer/percussionist partnering with his brother, bass player Ronnie Sanchez.“They are talented, young and inspiring musicians that love all types of music." Manny & Ronnie Sanchez have facilitated an alliance of artists that is united through “The Groove Sessions.” They use the universal language of rhythms that groove, melodies that sing and artists that make their instruments speak. The dialogue is love and respect for music. This project’s adoration to explore and improvise offers musicianship that sets sail and keeps you along for the journey. The group has opened for Jeff Pevar, The Radiators, Stanton Moore and between Freddie Ravel & Susie Hansen at The Latin Jazz & Arts Festival. Most recently the GrooveSession’s Latin Twist played with Everett Harp, Nils, Unwrapped and Mindi Abair at The Riverside Jazz Festival. This group commands the stage and captures the audience with their pure pleasure in playing and diverse sound. GROOVESESSION Manny Sanchez is the leader of the band and a drummer with great diversity. Influenced by so many styles, he loves to groove with an ability to create pockets that put you in the middle of the vibe. Ronnie Sanchez is the backbone of the group delighting everyone that enjoys the sound of the plucked string. Holding down the bottom line for all styles of music keeps your heart racing and feet moving to the music. Greg Lesondak is an outstanding and believable guitar player. He has an incredibly intuitive ear along with jazz, blues and rock chops for rhythm and lead. Nanu Warren is an amazing drummer and really fits in well as the percussionist for this project. He has implausible timing and his easygoing chemistry makes him the perfect performer for the job.

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