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Grief Of Destruction

Metal, Dark Metal

Deutschland 90 Nürnberg

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“Grief Of Destruction” stands for finest Dark-Metalcore from Nuremberg, Germany.
The Band was established in 2006 by Benjamin Kröger (vocals) and Dominik Ammesdörfer (guitar) under the name “Hydra”. In 2007 they found competent recruitment with Jörg Kunstmann (drums) and Barbara Becker (keys).
After several changes, affecting bass and second guitar, the line-up was completed by Stefan Gärtner (guitar) in 2009 and Christian Urban (bass) in 2011. Based on these diversifications and the inspiring influence of the new members the name was changed to “Grief Of Destruction”.

This line-up was stronger than ever before and they created songs as a composition of different influences from melodic Black/Death Metal, Industrial and Metalcore. The following years were affected by sharing the passion for song-writing and performing live on stage. In 2012/2013 they focused on creating they first home-recorded, but already competitive album “Shattering Atmosphere”. The result was a compilation of the strongest songs, created during the past years.

Since working on new material never was neglected, the recordings for the upcoming LP in 2015 are already in prearrangement… and for sure: The show will go on! The show must go on! The music that accompanies this show comes from: GRIEF OF DESTRUCTION!!!

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